style profile- the reacharound

the general direction in which footwear styling has trended of late from plimsols to deck shoes to boat shoes has led us to the ubiquitous upper detail that is.... the reacharound. does fashioning 360 degree lacing actually provide a true fit? i think otherwise however that.... it's a bit of a wank! let's trend away from the uninspired preppy 1950's nautical attire sub(marine)culture of boat shoes & pin rolling chino's. but before we do.... let's feature some you may like.

teardrops on the dancefloor

kastrup princess (6)

crystal wine glas

suspended teardrop

circa 1957

like new

style profile- 1954 world cup Switzerland

adidas founder adi dassler worked closely with the victorious west german team of '54 designing & pioneering their half time replacement of screw in studs, thus contributing to the miracle of berne victory in treacherous conditions, yl helping catapult adidas to global brand success.

panache pastel

vintage vans
style#44 authentic

made in usa

circa 1983

new in box



style profile- 1950 world cup Brazil

after a 12 year hiatus following WWII, england returned from a 20 year self-imposed exile only to succumb to the USA in arguably the biggest world cup upset ever. interestingly, india achieved qualification for the event playing barefoot yet refused to participate in brazil after fifa ruled they must wear boots. uruguay took the super duplo t football to the most unlikely victory in the final over the heavily fancied brazilians to mass upset on host streets.

vans carnaby street x tosotp

pop-in to the pop-up

link up here for the official photos of the vans carnaby street re-fit
complete with our very own archive display, contributing footwear & accessories dating back to brand origins back in 1966.


style profile: 1938 world cup France

italy & hungary meet before the 1938 final in high waisted baggies & ankle-tie mid cut boots. can you guess the origin of each captain? hosts france conjur similar before & after pictures of the Allen ball, after being beaten by eventual champs italy, before & in stark contrast to their next soiree as host 50 years later. they however fared better than the austrian team whom upon the eve of the event ceased to exist as a nation following german invasion.

you moc me

hand beaded moccasin

usa made

circa 197?




style profile: 1934 world cup Italia

the italians & Il Duce dictated ongoings at the 1934 world cup, won again by the host nation during which the all to familiar precedent was set whereby the opposition appear to do all the attacking, but the azzurri win the game

a revolutionary display


style profile: 1930 world cup Uruguay

amid crowd violence, death threats, match-fixing allegations & an all-in-brawl, hosts uruguay were crowned champions of the inaugural world cup defeationg arch-rivals argentina 4-2 with the victory sealing goal scored in style by one-armed talisman hector castro

syle profile: fifa world cup

as we count down til the south africa world cup finals,
we will here profile the history of each tournament.
the success, the art, the fashion, the passion, the moments.
how will the 2010 spectacular be remebered?

flea market

will be at Hackney Wick Flea Market #11 (Outdoors) today selling off our desk lamps & mid-size lighting. don't sleep!


birth of icons; here endeth the lessen

thicker sole, better compound pure crepe rubber which wears longer, better materials, nylon thread double stiching throughout whole vamp area, diamond design reinforcemnt.

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts