pillowHeat.com IS LIVE! ¬ new integrative website

what has been a long time coming is the exciting announcement of our website pillowHeat.com!

i would love to say 'new' website but essentially we have not had 1 until now. hopefully you find the website less convoluted & easier to traverse than this blog & disjointed combination of detached e-commerce & social media. the website will integrate blog, online shop & social links for a simplified passage through our vintage heat.

in addition, as you may or may not know we closed our original wilton way location late 2013 however have a new east london location (opening 06.14)! to be honest when we first opened for business in 2009 i didnt even know what a blog was.... & blogger was arguably already outdated by the time we began. selected blog posts will make the crossover to the website & because there remains a wealth of info herein this site will remain online, however as a dormant archive only

facebook appears to be dying, if not dead already, tumblr resembles now tumble weed & for the time being instagram is our driving force. follow us via @pillowHeat for product updates & for insight into rare archive items not for sale & general discussion about the history of the vans brand.