business phone line now operational.

after significant down time, our business phone line is again operational. apparently the fingers we used to dial with were too fat?? in substitute for a special dialing wand we have in place our new state of the art smartphone with oversized numbers to rectify the situation. apologies for any inconvenience.

cops on the street

no attitude just gratitude goes out to maria from copson street for the shop watch review. damn right they don't make them like they used to! same goes for their fresh corduroy snap backs & other cops on the street/style/skate blog.

rialto bridge.

vintage anglo american eyewear
rialto 803 54[_]19 ab 145
made in england circa 1992


re-fresh; afro kente cloth

refresh; vintage vans style #44 authentic
kente cloth
made in usa circa 1988

last but not least on the native tip comes our tribute to one of the freshest prints we have had the priveledge to offer as yet. now the native prints have been done to death over the last 2 years however the kente cloth still endures. more than just a trend print, it is a visual representation of history, philosophy, religious & social values & political thought. this pair has already moved on however deserves a retro perspective.


style profile; vans style #37

van's style #37 has had an uncertain past whereby the style number was originally assigned to the now elusive sk8-mid however then re-assigned & associated with the hi-top w/ side logo, or native american. style #37 is pure skate. similar in form to the style #38 sk8-hi, the native however is in full suede, lacking the jazz stripe & with the addition of side/tongue logos & rubber toe caps. so close to the sk8-hi it is that on late 80s boxes the image of the #38 is interchanged. like the evolution of the style #38, the 1st generation native in the late 70s & early 80s featured an ollie pad & thin backstay panel which was later dropped in favour of wider suede panels for greater durability & protection from flying decks. the 2nd generation #37's also added a hessian cloth to the inner surface of the suede. as such, the native american remains a firm favourite amongst skate purists & connoisseurs as the style #37 speaks their california native tongue.