vintage VANS x SONIC YOUTH dirty bunnies print DGC records promo style #44 authentic MADE IN USA 1992 album art

 the greatest vans homage to album art. #sonicyouth #neworder
 happy easter from sonic youth, mike kelley, dirty bunnies & the other side of the pillow

produced by vans for sonic youth & a DGC records promotional contest, they feature the bunny from the album art by mike kelley for the aforementioned band's 1992 album 'dirty'. little else is know about these rarities nor how many were customade at this time. the print is obscure unless you know what you're looking at & the uppers are not super duck canvas like regular vans materials of the time but a synthetic form backed with canvas. the laces are the white rabbit at the end of the rabbithole however, with 1 featuring the band & the other featuring the album name. please excuse the fact i had never listened to sonic youth til this moment however did enjoy this video directed by spike jonze & including jason lee.

vintage vans style #44 authentic
sonic youth dirty bunnies 
customade in usa 1992
size N/A


supreme floral vans ¬ new order vs new old stock

 do you like your good friday tunes #dirty or with #powercorruptionandlies? ¬ #sonicyouth #neworder
 what do peoples think about the recent supreme release?? has floral been done to death or does the album art homage seal the deal for you? shape aside, we do like the #95 & #49 however we would have loved to see the #38 without the jazz stripe or without the extended eyestay at least, to provide surface area to do the print justice.

we love the nod to the seminal new order album who have always been personal favourite of mine. saying that i only recently re-discovered the brilliance of your silent face linked below. its refreshing to see a less arbitrary release with somewhat more meaning, although im not sure core order heads will seek these out for that reason alone?

floral may well have reached saturation point but something tells me our #floralteatapestry drop will nevertheless reach tipping point... just as soon as summer comes around


STOCK HUNTING 101; DATE my VANS offthewallsite challenge

late last year we previewed a challenge posed by offthewallsite. here endeth the lessen

online pioneers of vans from the modern era & the next generation of connoisseurs, offthewallsite , recently got their hands on a fresh pair of made in usa printed canvas vans. they admitted to knowing little about said shoes & appealed to their fans to shed light. we took this as a personal challenge & welcome this opportunity to share some original heat. 
the vans in question indeed feature all the hallmarks of superior made in usa construction, shape & materials & respective quality, comfort & durability. tis true there aint much info available for reference which is why we strive to become that authority. as such, what we have right here is an era with asymmetrical 'night eyes' printed canvas & black rubber scene.... or for those more tech inclined, aka 95a-p52-7006RB.
originating not from the early 80's but in fact from the early 90's, the pre-92 inner vinyl heelpad is gone in favour of the more modern footbed. the print however is certainly 'picasso-esque' as described. available in 3 colourawys, 'night eyes' is 1 of many fresh prints from the vans back catalogue which seemingly went under the RADar. in no way referring to the 90's erotic thriller of the same name, in our opinion the guys at otws for sure found the best colourway, bonded to the 1990's signature black rubber scene. after all what better way to illuminate the print & shed light on such a score. thanx 4 sharing. you certainly got a discerning (night) eye(s).