pimp my stride!

here at the other side of the pillow, we pride ourselves on providing specialist vintage... however on this occasion we've outdone even ourselves. inspiring our current asymmetrical style profile was a stockpile of deadstock spanish single all-leather shoes. being once salesman samples, each shoe was separated from its partner back in the 70s, never to be reunited. instead they have now been paired up with an asymmetrical opposite, handmade using the very same cobbler's last, resulting in the odd pairs you now see previewed. as such, if you're a UK7 & have a desire for a pair of bespoke mis-matched, shop-soiled spanish loafers then allow us to pimp your stride! now you won't find a more specialist niche than this!



a concept active in the collective unconscious of the design & fashion world at the mo is asymmetry. inspired by an uncovered stockpile of sample spanish loafers, the other side of the pillow will profile this a-style based on incongruence, disharmony & irreconcilable differences.