vintage ADIDAS stockholm 1956 OLYMPIC sweatshirt 1980's Large

roughly every 4 years i get inspired again by my sporting roots & i go on the hunt for (mostly australian) official olympic wear. 1 of many welcomed discoveries was this olympic line of 80's sweats by adidas. classic kicks nyc brought this pic to my attention which featured the standout among the line plus 2 i had never seen in the last 2 on top left. (check the union jack-ish 2nd from end!) now the sapporo '72 is pretty sick but wearing white sweats is asking for trouble. which is your fave?


vintage adidas
stockholm 1956/helsinki 1952 olympic sweatshirt
made in taiwan circa 1980's
(28" pit to pit, 27" collar to waist)


now the standout to me was always this fresh black stockholm/helsinki number. the rest of the line are suitable winter olympiad & i assumed stockholm also to be until my stockholm homes protested his city never to have hosted said games. well the equestrian events started today in london however in 56 the melbourne games could not host the equine schedule due to quarantine issues, & as such were held in sweden some months earlier.
so i stock(holm)ed up on several of this adi heat b4 some rapper wore it in some video blah blah blah. so here we are in large & in superb condition. there is minimal fraying to the embroidered rings & no other flaws. they do characteristically fit wide & short however so see if you measure up to the heights of this.

vintage VANS patchwork print canvas authentic style #44 MADE IN USA US9.5 1990

vintage vans style #44 authentic
patchwork print canvas
made in usa circa 1990
new in box


vintage GIANNI VERSACE 416/C black gold medusa temple mask sunglasses MADE IN ITALY

 vintage gianni versace
MOD. 416/C COL. 852
made in italy circa 1990's


vintage NIKE aqua sock US11 strap-on aqua gear 1989

 vintage nike
aqua sock
made in taiwan 1989
used with defects (without box)

i have no idea whether these will hold up to normal wear & as such come with a 'wear at own risk' disclaimer. the uppers have already separated significantly from the outsole.


vintage NIKE aqua gear AQUA SOCK grape MADE IN USA 1990 US5

apologies folks if you don't like sportswear but my background interest as a kid was this world & the olympics provides the best opportunity to let go. i was however into more specialist gear, not out of any (form following) functional focus but instead it justified the necessity of (left) field event footwear collecting dust in the box without the gulit of not wearing them. we will be back with our regular vans/eyewear heat stroke. different heat strokes for different folks.

vintage nike
aqua sock
grape infrared
made in usa 1990
new in box

i have no idea whether these will hold up to normal wear & as such come with a 'wear at own risk' disclaimer. they do however hold collectable interest especially in this condition with the box which almost out-competes the footwear. also surprised to notice these were made in usa as late as 1990. from the days of liquid nike!



vintage ADIDAS shooting SPECIAL spezial hi-top MADE IN WEST GERMANY

vintage adidas
shooting(?) special
made in west germany circa 1980's

well the first gold medal has gone to a chinese athlete in shooting. i know little about the above model however i do recall it being referred to as a shooting trainer. any insight from adi-hash heads is appreciated. looking something like a pro model on roids, it features some tech d-ring technology & a thick rigid sole. so rigid in fact they flex little & look almost like cross country skiing clip-ons. this gives them that correctional shoe type vibe which is so hot right now. special needs indeed.

London 2012 ¬ openings

on the whole it was an impressive opening to London 2012. mike oldfield being our highlight
 check our inspired window dispaly. get in for outdated sportswear & capture this extended moment of NOStalgia.
games on!


TOSOTP 3rd birthday celebration

many thanx 2 those who made it to our short notice celebration of our 3rd year of business. although the official birthday is not til aug 6, we joined forces with hackney GT for sum cycles & olympian summer vibes. let the games begin.