HOW TO CATCH A NATIVE.... from the 1980's

& before you ask, that is not me front centre.
this is me. did i mention it was the diamond jubilee?

vintage CONVERSE JAMS world hi-top skidgrip geometrical print deck shoes MADE IN USA 1980's

vintage original jams by converse
canvas oxford print assorted
aloha surfline hi
made in usa circa 1980's
US6 (fits as US6.5/UK6)

speaking of asymmetrical converse jams crew right here is a sneak peak at the jam session now instore! this is our 1st forray into a skidgrip hi-top, with a thick padded collar giving it a different feel compared to the more classic deck shoe. don't sleep!

vintage KICK BACK optical geometric button down shirt 1980's M

 vintage kick back
op art geometric shirt
made in usa circa 1980's
M (pit to pit 55cm, collar to waist 74cm)

vintage VANS vanosaur print style #95 era MADE IN USA youth custom skating dinosaur

 vintage vans style #95 era custom #327
pink vanosaur print canvas
made in usacirca 1983
used in box
kids US13

one of the coolest prints of the vans back catlogue, this epitomises the custom culture of vans in the 80's. the vanosaur has been re-released a couple of times over the years but remains rare as dinosaur teeth. looking at these even in baby size it's easy to understand why so few original vanosaurs lived to present day. we are happy to welcome our first model back to the company of his friends on the wall.... & off the wall.

vintage ALPINA swing S neon shield sunglasses MADE IN WEST GERMANY 1980's

 vintage alpina
#swing S blk/neon pnk/yell
made in west germany circa 1985
new with defects


the 1980's gets the treatment today, our jubilee inspired decade of choice. the 80's was about excess! cocaine, big hair, loud attire & killer tunes. stay attuned for a daily dose of 80's excess.


vintage VAN DOREN blue/gold/blue OFF THE WALL dogtown style #95 era MADE IN USA circa 1978

 vintage van doren syle #95 era
2-tone blue/gold/blue dogtown canvas
off the wall
made in usa circa 1978
size N/A
new in box

sorry folks.... not for sale. this one's off the wall & into the vault!

vintage PERSOL by RATTI 623 mask sunglasses MADE IN ITALY circa 1970's

 vintage persol by ratti 
made in italy circa 1970's

an incredible bold frame by the persol powerhouse of ratti. very little is known about this mask-like design perhaps taking elements from the goldmsith mask archetype of the 60's? some sources list this pair as a 60's production however the frame has a more 70's feel we think.

vintage NHO 524 blue nhs frames MADE IN ENGLAND 1970's

 vintage nho nhs spectacles
#524 44x24
made in england circa 1970's


today we pay tribute to the 1970's. a decade of social progress & cultural change, in addition to nhs spectacles & punk rock. how do you remember the 70's?


vintage VAN DOREN 1960's navy ZEPHYR authentic style #44 MADE IN USA US11

vintage van doren style #44 authentic
navy canvas/foxing stripe
made in usa circa 1968
size N/A (for show)

the shoe which started it all! "thicker sole, better compound pure crepe rubber which wears longer, better materials, double nylon thread vs cotton, four-sitch backstay. paul van doren's idea was to make shoes like sherman tanks & the heavy 10 duck canvas of early models were just that. notice the van doren heel tab & heel pad & the lack of outer tag on the vamp area. the no frills #44 that went on to become zephyr uniform in the mid 70's & as such make history.