capital EYES

vintage humphrey's
made in italy circa 1991

not particularly well made, nor by a famous design house. these frames however have unquestionable style.



vintage vans style #79 chukka boot custom #379
brite purple suede/foxing
felt trim & lining
customade in usa circa 1988
new in box


style profile; vans style #79

just when you thought you had seen it all from the vans back catalogue, you are pleasantly surprised by a hitherto unseen diamond in the golden roughage.
now you may have seen some modern vault incarnations however often with the attention to detail defecit disorder & lack of workmanship of the aforementioned diamond. style #79 is a classic chukka boot however this time without the trademark padded collar & instead felt. now i heart felt. it evokes heartfelt memories of 1979. the year i first felt felt. it is a touching cloth. #79 is so excitable. #79 is always touching cloth.
#79 has all the trimmings. #79 is always lined.... & at the same time by necessity, touching cloth.
as such style #79 with it's felt trim & lining is the ideal modern personal autumnal accompaniment in white collar & blue collar work. either awe. #79 will always retain heat!


vintage (designer unknown)
# davina
handmade in england circa 1958

frames are indeed designed for individual personalities & our upcoming selection of 1950's specs cater to all persuasions. they are handmade in england by an unknown designer in the late 50's using acetate, superior materials & superb crafsmanship. each can be glazed to your required prescription or to any sunglass specification. davina is a graceful upswept design utilising rich burgandy acetate, 7-barrel hinges & stunning star rivets at the temples. beautify yourself!


tosotp x HAL 9000

well the time has come to change our window display however not without fully featuring our preceding effort. inspired by 'the gaze', showcasing our selection of out of this world 1950s specs (watch this space!) & featuring illuminated HAL-like snellen charts , we would ask HAL 9000 himself to open the pod bay doors.

we were then stoked to work with London based visual stimulators We Art You & blown away by their (re)touching inclusion of the display on the cover of the band viva brother's 3rd single time machine.

with thanx 2 my friends at anglo american eyewear we also featured a hellish HAL-ish all-seeing/omni-spective LOOK installation.

literally spelling it out for passers by was not explicit enough however so you still have a week to take a closer 'look' to view HAL face to face.
but don't look for too long as you may just turn to stone.... or lady gaga! hint hint

maybe HAL could sing back-up on viva brother's next single