supreme floral vans ¬ new order vs new old stock

 do you like your good friday tunes #dirty or with #powercorruptionandlies? ¬ #sonicyouth #neworder
 what do peoples think about the recent supreme release?? has floral been done to death or does the album art homage seal the deal for you? shape aside, we do like the #95 & #49 however we would have loved to see the #38 without the jazz stripe or without the extended eyestay at least, to provide surface area to do the print justice.

we love the nod to the seminal new order album who have always been personal favourite of mine. saying that i only recently re-discovered the brilliance of your silent face linked below. its refreshing to see a less arbitrary release with somewhat more meaning, although im not sure core order heads will seek these out for that reason alone?

floral may well have reached saturation point but something tells me our #floralteatapestry drop will nevertheless reach tipping point... just as soon as summer comes around

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