vintage VANS x SONIC YOUTH dirty bunnies print DGC records promo style #44 authentic MADE IN USA 1992 album art

 the greatest vans homage to album art. #sonicyouth #neworder
 happy easter from sonic youth, mike kelley, dirty bunnies & the other side of the pillow

produced by vans for sonic youth & a DGC records promotional contest, they feature the bunny from the album art by mike kelley for the aforementioned band's 1992 album 'dirty'. little else is know about these rarities nor how many were customade at this time. the print is obscure unless you know what you're looking at & the uppers are not super duck canvas like regular vans materials of the time but a synthetic form backed with canvas. the laces are the white rabbit at the end of the rabbithole however, with 1 featuring the band & the other featuring the album name. please excuse the fact i had never listened to sonic youth til this moment however did enjoy this video directed by spike jonze & including jason lee.

vintage vans style #44 authentic
sonic youth dirty bunnies 
customade in usa 1992
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  1. My name is Eric Young. I have a pair of these Vans. They were given to me by the band when they visited our Los Angeles sales branch. I sold records for Geffen DEC, MCAFEE etc. at the time, and my top account was The Tower Records Store on Sunset Blvd. Very cool and relaxed people. I only heard of 1 other pair of these which were auctioned for charity for over $1000. -Unreal!

    1. yo eric. great to hear from you! amazing to gain further insight into these rarities. indeed i have seen very few over the years however have managed to find another albiet beat up & without the original laces. do you have any more details about this charity auction?? for sure hang onto your pair especially coming from the band themselves. safe keeping. henrY

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  3. Hey everyone, try me at sonicbunnyvans@gmail.com to talk about getting these vans! Still available..