style profile; vans style #37

van's style #37 has had an uncertain past whereby the style number was originally assigned to the now elusive sk8-mid however then re-assigned & associated with the hi-top w/ side logo, or native american. style #37 is pure skate. similar in form to the style #38 sk8-hi, the native however is in full suede, lacking the jazz stripe & with the addition of side/tongue logos & rubber toe caps. so close to the sk8-hi it is that on late 80s boxes the image of the #38 is interchanged. like the evolution of the style #38, the 1st generation native in the late 70s & early 80s featured an ollie pad & thin backstay panel which was later dropped in favour of wider suede panels for greater durability & protection from flying decks. the 2nd generation #37's also added a hessian cloth to the inner surface of the suede. as such, the native american remains a firm favourite amongst skate purists & connoisseurs as the style #37 speaks their california native tongue.

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