hipster vs heritage

if being a dickhead is (still) cool, does this imply a dickhead will soon become synonomous with the rugged & unkempt outdoorsman somewhat akin to the dischevelled mountaineer or deep-sea fisherman type?
we say this as heritage brands globally exert
an immeasurable influence on current fashion
& style trends as design-driven, utility-based
outdoor apparel rules the runway!

rooted in classic (often) american handcrafted workwear & taking elements from nautical & hiking inspired outerwear, the culmination of this movement will see the fashion world adopting more & more these time-proven brands such as pendleton, ll bean, vans, barbour & red wing.

continuing on from the outdoor peak where we left off last season, we & zone7style forge ahead in the deadstock fashion scene(& not herd) as it continues to influence the future of clothing & design. as such, keep it in the authentic city & avoid the overpriced designer collabs & get the original articles from these heritage classics & other diamonds in the roughage, with the story & the history, from us.


  1. does this mean my lumberjack jacket is making a comeback???

  2. so much so you will get lumberjack jacket jacked.... jack!