destination; lik + neon

i 1st discovered lik + neon back in '06 & felt instantly at home in the maze of deadstock sportswear, 80's electronica & retro design. janis & i forged a strong friendship but little did she know she was a major inspiration for our undertaking of the other side of the pillow.

after killing it in the day-glo era of nu-rave, the lik + neon flavour evolved into its rather minimal by comparison reality today, focusing more on flourshing local art & design. retaining its rather playful & inventive character which, combined with lik + neon's infamous kittens littering the store, helped Janis claim the cover of the 1st issue of Independent London Store Guide.

there still remains the odd piece of deadstock amongst the modern design marvels, all now illuminated by a makeshift chandelier which has to be seen to be believed! & as such the attitude of gratitude goes out to Janis & lik + neon for the memories, the deadstock & the boundless inspiration.

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