destination; wilton way!

once known as wilton road & once a wilting destination, wilton is now a way, & waxing instead of waning. now where theres a will there's a way & it was the will of some influential yet humble property owners who helped inspire this now flourishing street in hackney. recognised as a destination alternative to the bustling broadway market, we are happy to be a part of the up & coming address reknowned for it's very own award winning coffee, food, shopping & art.

notorious for their great coffee, the owners of the wilton way cafe almost single handedly pioneered the street revival. the once whisper quiet street now literally waxes lyrical with london fields radio instore 2 accompany the coffee, the food & the atmosphere.

the latter edition to the street fanfare yet an edition made not without noise came via violet cakes, complete with cookbook, seasonal produce & pastries. i emplore you to just try & curb your enthusiasm & your carbs upon paying them a visit.

posted adds to the allure of the street, occupying a long abandoned post office come gallery space featuring a historical retrospective of the british postal system exploring posted correspondence. also offering postal inspired artwork from reknowned local artists, this gallery space is an experience worth writing home about.

coming soon....

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