the highly anticipated release date has come as Independent London Store Guide's second incarnation has hit independent retailers, leaving us humbled to grace the cover of said issue #2!!

Independent London are reknowned crusaders for the plight of the independent retailer & this weekend they release their follow up to the very successful issue 1. their store guide features the best of London's independent shops & comes complete with reviews, photos, maps & plenty more. Moritz & Effie do this in their typical pioneering style, in full support of the independent in the face of franchise domination & vacuous redevelopment. we too at the other side of the pillow have similar befief systems & join their cause in celebration of the diversity of London's streets in opposition to the homogenous high street.

as such, the attitude of gratitude goes out to Effie & Moritz for considering us for this issue. we will be stocking copies in the very near future & a launch event on Wilton way is in the pipeline, coinciding with the issue #2 feature on this most becoming of streets. in the meantime you can pre-order copies here.

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