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now i've always managed to draw the line of my interest in vans, & the compulsive need to accumulate, at the influential 1994 move of production to the east. this collab presents somewhat a conflict of interests however.

LUDWIG VAN x VANS VAULT Deadstock Canvas Project from LUDWIG VAN on Vimeo.

head designer mike dytri of ludwig van is the envy of my eye for this extended moment having purchased possibly some of the last remnants of the deceased art of stateside vans production. he purchased a job lot of original 10 duck canvas sheets dating back to the early 90's at a wearhouse auction some 10 years ago. canvas the area indeed!

almost 20 years after the canvas 1st hit vans factories, mike proceeded to approach steve van doren & vans vault to make manifest the life of the canvas in the form of its original intended purpose. the result is a worldwide cache of 288 vans vault style #95/era's composed in china from original made in usa canvas.

in recent years we have seen countless 'vintage-inspired' releases from vans which capture the styling but remain vacuous & void of any history or integrity. mike's line however embodies the narrative that is the vans spirit as each pair tells the story both of mikes canvassing & the re-interpreted canvas.

from online reaction it appears the more obvious prints such as the dope leaf will make the most noise however the inspiration for me is in the more understated aztec "primitive", "psycho" & aeronautical "30's nostalgia" looks. i have encountered various others however in early 90s experimentation with texture & materials such as corduroys, velvets & "felt plaids".

there will be 25 pairs dropping at dover street market in London, if they haven't dropped off the face of the earth already? as to whether i will indulge my curiosity.... only to canvas for my own canvas motherload & dig up the original productions that is. if any1 picks up a pair & is willing to part with the flip-book however, i will be happily self-indulgent.

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