style profile; vans style #19

vans launched on march 16 1966 with six signature styles, one of which being the timeless style #19. recognised in the early days simply as the lace-up, style #19 was 1 step removed from the familiar nautical silhouettes of vans deck shoes & resembled plimsolls of the early 20th C developed for beachwear. the striking difference of the style #19 is the absence of van's signature high profile midsole & waffle outsole, in preference for a thinner, dimpled 'calender outsole'. this gives the shoe a more streamlined & tapered look owing itself to a more feminine appeal. as such, the style #19 did not reach the high water mark of the more rugged van's styles which pioneered the late 70s off the wall revolution. style #19 instead remained under the radar as a casual classic until an inferior prototype was re-introduced during the ill-fated plimsoll resurgence of the early to mid '00s.

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