style profile; vans style #44b

the enduring vans legacy is built not only on design-driven casual footwear but on the pivotal influence of the flourishing action sports movement; both embodied in the vans trademark high profile sole. from the beginning paul van doren sought to out-do the competition, using better materials & creating a thicker compound bulit to last. of course this was the vital factor for skaters looking for longevity & style. until the early 90's however the women's line did not offer the high profile sole, & instead offerred only the thinner profile of the vans style #44b.

prefferrd by some women, & men, the thinner profile offers a more contoured finish & feminine appeal. style #44b began to fade into obscurity however in favour of the hard-wearing masculine outsole which resonates VANS! with last seasons turn towards thick vibram soles & now with the brothel creeper creeping back in all manifestations of lug soles, it no doubt won't be long before we see creeper soled vans & i dread to think, platform plimsolls? anyway, size doesn't matter but girth certainly has its worth, so the choice is yours.

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