destination; borough wines on wilton way

may we make our fond excuses for the lateness of the hour at which we offer our official wilton way welcome to our friends at borough wines! what seemed to be our permanent hangover for the past month has subsided following two launch events & the royal wedding street party, affording us now clarity enough to give thanks legibly.

bringing a reputation steeped in class & tradition, our wine merchants from borough market have injected further life into the now flourishing destination that is wilton way. now i am not a connoisseur.... of wine anyway, but our local neighbourhood sure have fine taste, as was made evident by the 300 strong guests to boroughs opening & the 300+ litres of alcohol enjoyed on wedding day.

offerring specialist wine from the south of france as well as a small selection of local brews & australian & new zealand wines, borough serve with personality & generosity. the £8 litre of wine from the keg has been met with unbridled enthusiasm as has my personal favourite the prosecco. as such, to meet muriel & the team & experience the taste for yourself is just another excuse to enjoy this summer on wilton way.

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