thin & crispy

vintage vans style #95b era
4-tone canvas
made in usa circa 1980


  1. There are a few pairs of shoes that I have tripped upon on this site and had no idea whether they were still available or not and how much they cost. Also, if it is a US mens 8, wouldn't they be a USw9.5? Hmm. I could be totally wrong haha. Either way, please let me know.


  2. all the products on the blog are still available unless marked with 'SOLD' tags & comments. as such, this pair is still available. according to vintage vans sizing charts at least yes a US8 corresponds to a USw9.5. this pair is a USw10N however referring to a narrow width. original vans as you may know utilise a more tapered & narrow last compared to modern vans. womens pairs were again even more narrow. add to this a custom-made narrow width & we have a very slim pair. so for accuracy I list this pair as US8. please email for prices & purchasing info theothersideofthepillow@hotmail.co.uk