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while we're on the surfing tip, we thought we would ride the wave back in time to the ultimate of surf-inspired fashion collaborations in the way of that between converse & original jams. now converse of course has a rich history steeped in tardition since the early 20thC. jams world however is a lesser known brand coming out of hawaii in the late 60s via surfline hawaii ltd. US surfer dave rochlan inspired by russians in bath robes on the beach & a motivation for more comfortable surf wear, masterminded the wild style & baggy fitting that became jams.

little is known about the original collaboration between cons & jams however it is believed to have taken place in the late 70s & early 80s. the radical geometrics & outlandish hawaiian florals of jams were adopted to the converse skidgrip with incredible results. we here are vans purists at heart however the converse skidgrip definately holds it own. the boating influence positive traction grip sole, cushioned insole & arch supports, & duck uppers are enduring features. of course vans has the trademark for off the wall since 1976 however jams world were pushing the boundaries of the board short years earlier. as such the combination of the vulcanised effects of the skidgrip coupled with the sickening prints of original jams leaves a lasting legacy. they came with traditional siped blue sole, 70s mainstay terry towelling insoles, 2 sets of odd-coloured laces, assorted eylets, a lovely 2-tone box & buttery soft duck canvas. they provide a more open fit compared to the tapered fit of a vans deck shoe however embody the same durability, comfort & reliability. we have the priveledge of offerring an early sample whereby the og jams heel tab has yet to be stitched on. we are also offerring a pair still exhibiting the late 70s price tag of only $5.98!!

converse did attempt to re-release offerrings from this timely collaboration in the late 00's however didn't even reach the breakers before sadly drowing in mediocrity. the multiplicity of vulcanised benefits were of course lacking & prints utlised were muted & uninspired. as such, if you can get yourself a pair of the original collaboration between the pioneers of the 'board short' as we now know it, & converse, who started it all... you should thank the surfing gods!

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