style profile; vans style #72 lacey

the popularity of the boat shoe since last summer has defiantly reached its high water mark. the deluge of which then flowed over the foxing stripe, until reaching saturation point & officially drowning. we will no doubt continue however to see inappropriate appropriation of appropriations until the flogged horse is reincarnated.... probably as a boat shoe. before it does however let's profile the original incarnation which inspired the ubiquitous vans zapato del barco. vans style #72 is essentially a style #98 slip-on with 360 degree lacing stystem which we affectionately coined the reacharound. profiled last year, the reacharound is purely cosmetic, however does add enjoyment. because of this, combined with all the trimmings of made in usa vulcanised vans, the lacy will always maintain it's status as a classic in our eyes.

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