uppers or downers?

before the jump is a super rare example of the time honored tradition of vans customs. in catalogs of the era, amongst the snoopy collection this model is only featured as a high top. it features all the hallmarks of a bespoke custom whereby the prospective owner in the late 80s liked the print however wanted it in a lace-up era with collar. long before nikeiD vans would bring those desires to fruition & offer factory-to-you customisations. to crystalise the custom the designer opted for the thinner profile style #95b making it the ideal pair in which to snoop around.


  1. Hey, i was wondering if the smaller ones are for sale. And the size too! I'm in love with your blog! Thank you!

  2. all products on the blog are for sale unless tagged with or marked with 'SOLD' comments. please email for purchasing info theothersideofthepillow@hotmail.co.uk