style profile; vans style #59

long before the evolution of the current vault line & the recent california range, vans set a precedent for luxury in the late 80s which reflects & exceeds the very demand of today. preceding these popular lines was the crescent island collection & it's earliest & most highly evolved inhabitant is the style #59. a relative of the style #95 era, style #59, living in isolation on crescent island evolved certain advantageous traits of colour, texture & material that would see it live undisturbed yet undiscovered til present day. the padded collar of the era, so prone to cracking, developed a pigskin leather trim thus facilitating longevity while the unfavourable plastic eyelets were killed off in favour of more durable antique brass eyelets. in evolutionary terms the foxing stripe, vamp tag & cord laces were preferred in a tan colourway thus camouflaged with the leather trim & coordinating with the rich earth colours of cresent island. earlier specimens of the style #59 reveal a rare pleather vans vamp tag which later made way for a nylon substitute of unknown benefit. there is widespread evidence of the canvas & denim varieties however less is known about the endangered corduroy & suede species. most commonly seen in the masculine form with 5 eyelets, the #59 has also been documented with a thinner profile sole #59b for women while fossils of youth sized #59's are also rumoured to have been uncovered.
as such, style #59 exhibits all the traits of a rich evolutionary line & embodys the ideal of survival of the fittest, however has lived in virtual isolation & obscurity until now!

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