style profile; vans style #93: mary jane

in footwear terms twenty eleven has defiantly been the season of the sandal. i could see it coming too, however deadstock sandals are difficult to come by. despite the fact i remember crying as a kid being forced to wear these ghastly poo brown sandals, the cycle of cool would have it that these are exactly what i now crave. jesus sandals were once sacrilage & are now staple diet. socks with sandals once kooky, now for cool people. as such, get a mouthful of these hideous style #93 mary jane sandals by vans. the designers must have been smoking the mary jane to come up with these, bordering on green-out while showing forsight of a genius. these strap-on jandals come in a closed & open-foot variety, fashioning what i predict to be THE footwear accessory of next season, in the buckle. we've started to see more buckle chelsea boots & brogues & i can see it expanding into trainer territory. the majority brass buckles are coupled with grotesque lug soles which are so hot right now, giving an eduring outdoor edge to your urban(e) summer wear. so find your feet & make onlookers buckle at the knee at the sight of your original style #93 mary janes as cool as the other side of the pillow.

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