eleven eleven #11; legs eleven

vintage vans style #38 sk8-hi
made in usa circa 1979

something about the number 11 speaks to me. it's not only a great number but so too a great word. if i ever have children my 1st born will be called eleven. there is a symmetry & balance to this number which is comforting. 11 therein, you even find the word even! do you ever find yourself checking the time, or even compelled to look at the clock at an arbitrary moment & frequently find the time to be 11:11? is this time prompt a spiritual checkpoint & like a deja vu, tangible reassurance you are on the right cosmic path, or is it simply our brain's reticular activating system becoming attuned to the extra-ordinary & finding meaning where there is none. what is the meaning of life? a life of meaning perhaps? or perhaps finding meaning here is mere justification of the inconsequential sequentials. instead of over-thinking the moment we should instead let go, experience it & over-flow with gratitude for the nothingness of deep space.

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