the floral tea tapestry has now officially succumbed to the viral outbreak that has swept the planet. like tumblr weed rolling across the landscape that most exquisite of floral tapestries is now few & far between.

a sure sign of the fate of the ftt is its current reappropriation as part of the 'luxe' collection in the way of the cedar model. appropriate or inappropriate? re-issues all to often miss the mark of the original & in this case vans had big shoes to fill, so to speak. there are elements i like including the waxed laces however personally i would have kept the high profile sole & let the uppers do the talking. well if you're not satisfied simply with a vintage 'feel' stay attuned as we endeavour to remedy any remaining originals & find as yet un-infected species to fuel the rich tapestry that is the vans back catalogue.

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