STOCK HUNTING 101; lessen 1 ¬ trust your instincts

it's been 6 months since we mentioned the launch of our hunters & collectors tutorial stock hunting 101 so i thought it about time to feature lessen 1. & i do mean lessen & not lesson, as the idea is to go back to zero state, to surrender the void, to quiet the mind's chatter & trust your instincts! that way you can fill the void with useless junk, over compensate upon the lack by attachment to impermanent material possessions that weigh heavy on your mind & end up owning you. but at the same time it's so much fun & you might just uncover that goldmine!
so my advice to you when on the hunt for stock is to trust your instincts, or in-stinks as it were because you can almost smell it. the garage with those nos motorcyle parts may smell like gasoline ,that long lost record shop may smell like vinyl or that golden charity shop may smell like death. in any case you can smell the ol(d)factory!
religous beliefs aside, i think most people admit to believing in some greater force/energy/spirit that is bigger than the tangible?? from my experience it is a connection with the messengers of this intangible which guide us through life on a path of spiritual development. is it so incomprehensible that what sum call instincts or refer to as mere intuition may in fact be messages from some spirit guide or messenger??
some say such guides won't lead you to material possessions however i beg to differ. ask & it is given is what they say, & as long as it's something to which you are spiritually aligned then the enormous power of now will deliver. as such, our lessen 1 tuition is all about intuition! do you intuit? are you in2it? do you have the intuitive initiative? because it is only in tuition where you will gain intuition! it's no secret any more. what have you got to lose. simply ask for help!

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