vans ¬ the end of an era?

i think it's safe to say that the vans brand is now a giant entity. their shoes now permeate every level of society. (pop up) stores are popping up like wild fire & it seems there is no limit to their expansion. my only concern however is that what goes up must come down. as the cycle of cool would have it perhaps the brands appettite for growth may well be their downfall? it has happenned before to many an empire including to vans back in the late 80s before filing for bankruptcy. what is imperative in my opinion is to reinforce the foundation upon which this empire is built. i would argue that most of the kids these days know not that vans began back in '66, nor have never they ever heard of dogtown or names like alva. & this is not necessarily about skateboarding but it does seem that the kids have lost sight of why the brand is cool & they are merely popular for popularity sake? as such, with the recent passing of 1 of the founder fathers jim van doren (full tribute imminent), i feel it my duty more so than ever to educate & 'change perceptions' of the brand. is there an inevitable backlash around the corner or is the foundation so rich that the narrative is timeless? thankfully there are articles such as this by oi polloi to reinforce the appreciation & admiration of a brand with integrity & authenticity still at its core.

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