style profile; VANS rubber accents

from the very beginnings of the deck shoe the foxing stripe has been a nautical archetype adopted as a boating analogy including to those produced by vans. from the origins of the navy canvas 'zephyr team' style #44 in the mid 70's with navy foxing stripe, vans evolved over the years offerring a mutilplicity of foxing stripes & rubber accents. so too the friction tape, side wall or rubber scene evolved as taste diversified giving us the classic black rubber scene & our recent discovery of the navy rubber scene. such colours still embodied the vulcanised effects of the rubber which made them famous & now provided a harder fashion edge & helped you keep them clean.

of course vans custom made hey day in the 70's & 80's saw the use of additional rare coloured scenery include the charcoal & brown rubber scene which were often found complementing the sought after tan foxing stripe collection of style #59's & #69's.

even further rarities include the customade options of burgandy rubber scene which we have had the priveledge to offer & the green rubber scene, the existence of which is only rumoured. later in the 90's the infamous ecru scene collection was wide-reaching & has now achieved legendary status being bonded to both the floral & native tribal tapestries.

the diversity of the vans back catalog thus has to be scene to be believed. as such, listen to what dialect your rubber accents use.... if the details speak to you that is, because it is through which communicate both the divine & the demonic.

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