vintage VANS style #44 authentic US7 felt plaid LUDWIG VAN canvas project

early last year mike dytri of ludwig launched the deadstock canvas project whereby he re-worked some original canvas print sheets into a modern collab with vans. the result were some exclusive 2-tones worn by the likes of kanye.

LUDWIG VAN x VANS VAULT Deadstock Canvas Project from LUDWIG VAN on Vimeo.
1 of my fave sheets was his 'felt plaid' print which we have managed to source in its original form bonded to vulcanised pure crepe rubber. now i was going to wear this pair & re-enact his flavoursome footwork from the video however the chinese foot-binding technique takes time. its our pleasure to make these available at your leisure. is warm textured felt plaid with blue/green accents your clan tartan?

vintage vans style #44 authentic
felt plaid print
made in usa circa 1992

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