style profile; VANS style #47 monk shoe

yet again the seemingly endless back catalog of vans originals deliver an as yet unseen rarity. buckle up my friends as style #47 is not your typical chukka boot. instead it comes laceless & enclosed by straps & buckle. originating in the early 90's the style #47 embodies the monk shoe aesthetic & the monk mindset. there are plenty stories out there testifying to buddhist monk abilities through meditation & the power of the mind to transcend the elements & significantly raise body temperature in freezing conditions. you too can transcend & generate HEAT with such a smooth chukka. as such, control your own body temperature in the current freeze with the enclosed warmth of the strap-on #47. in addition the seamless lines will afford you a certain zen feeling of impermanence, without the empty attachment to a laced system. seen exclusively in suede, bonded only to black rubber scene the style #47 is a boundless bounty of harmonious heat for your feet!

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