vintage DOLOMITE step on step 1980's hiking boots MADE IN ITALY

when i discovered the following pair of shoes on a hunting mission in a neglected italian sports shop a few years back i almost buckled at the knees. there it had sat for many years accompanied only by pairs which were pale in comparison. this shoe certainly did have inner beauty.

a division of tecnica group out of treviso, dolomite has a long history of outdoor apparel whose climax in my opinion was reached with this piece of footwear genius. i don't know what i was thinking only capturing them in 1 poor photo back in the day. thankfully my friend at zone7style had the foresight to shoot them with some repsect. i don't need to mention any features because their inner beauty resonates deep. i do have his long lost brother available soon however i still wonder if i will ever see another pair quite like this. you may notice i talk about these in the past-tense. this is because they are dead.... stock.

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