vintage VANS style #49 chukka boot US5.5 burgandy velvet MADE IN USA 1980's

re-fresh; vintage vans style #49 chukka boot
burgandy velvet
black rubber scene
made in usa circa 1985
like new

i blogged this almost 1 year ago however i made an error on the size. regardless this velvet goldmine deserves a re-fresh. a velvet chukka is a near perfect specimen, & nowadays are exceedingly rare. a greater surface area for the velveteen experience, they are a cut above the rest. whether they are part of the crescent island collection is another question. they are certainly a luxury item, however the conditions of entry to the island in my opinion must be either antique brass eyelets, cord laces or leather accents. velvet has a beautiful tongue, but not the thick exotic accent to gain entry.

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