1952-2012; Wilton Way Diamond Jubilee Street Party

following the resounding success that was last year's royal wedding street party, local residents & establishments of the wilton way E8 area are happy to announce the diamond jubilee street party!

we are pleased to invite 1 & all to to join in on what is emphasised as a community event whereby we celebrate the last 60 years of hackney life & the queens reign. again the idea will be to DIY & encourage you to bring your own tables, chairs, food, friends and family and enjoy a day of community togetherness for all ages. there will be council approved road closures, this year from the hackney empire through to violet cakes, whereby street decorations lining the srteet will house the festive atmosphere.  

we will attempt to divide the street into era's spanning the decades & as such designate areas by period based on fashion, culture, food & music. we encourage every1 to dress in reference to their favourite era from the 50's til present & get into the spirit! 

we would love to hear from the local community about their experience of hackney over the last 60 years & instore we will be allocating an area for display of coronation memorabilia, souvenirs & photography to capture the memories & the moments. we also appeal to local artists, musicians, performers or anyone with ideas how we can bring people together in a creative & interactive atmosphere. workshops will be held in local establishments to create decorations & brainstorm ideas for the theme & ways to illustrate life locally over 60 years of queen elizabeth at the throne.

we only have 1 month today til the event & would be grateful for any fund-raising ideas or donated fabrics & decorations to help bring the street to life.

for more info or if you have any ideas, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Eleni from the Wilton Way Café at eleni@londonfieldsradio.com or myself at theothersideofthepillow@hotmail.co.uk

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