vintage look VANS bmx FACTORY TEAM shirt jersey NASTAZIO FIOLA

 in 1984 bmx freestyle legend eddie fiola posed for this iconic vans ad complete with mullet & core bmx models whilE 'blazing' in his usa checks & stripes 'tennies'.
25 years years later vans are still 'kicking bootie' & pay homage to their own back catalog of genius ideas by recreating the fiola pose with naughties rider cory nastazio. hairstyles may have changed & the days of vans custom-culture 'design your own footwear' sadly gone but the core line is still rad!
 3 years later again & here we are slowly becoming the authority on all things vans originals. before we speak too soon, in our inability to uncover an original fiola/nastazio-like bmx factory team jersey we did find this. it is not an original but a reproduction pre-release salesman sample. as such we feel it uncharacteristic offerring it up for sale, which justifies too our keeping it in the vault ha! regardless, this piece is pure heat, complete with og logos & decal appropriation!! it is a good sign that vans are on (hell)track (pun intended) with their current releases.... if it reaches the sales floor that is??

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