vintage VANS white suede HALF CAB black rubber scene MADE IN USA US7

 the end of may saw the last of the 20th anniversary release of original colourway half cabs. just why vans didn't release any with black rubber scene beyond the supreme edition, nor why they don't tap into the general appeal of the the black sole i don't know. alas it is our duty to provide the unattainable in what was the decade defining release in the most rad colourway.
(check the og at the back!)

 normally when i find a thrashed pair of neutral suede i consider doing a DIY DYE custom. i must admit i did think about customising the above with selective black panels but im glad i came to my senses. the white suede is the perfect vehicle for the thrashed aesthetic. the imperfections are what make them perfect. the genuine article of 90's street skate.

 vintage vans style #33 half cab
white suede
black rubber scene
made in usa circa 1992

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