vintage BRULIMAR snooker-2 upside down DENNIS TAYLOR snooker glasses 1985

why is this geezer wearing his frames upside-down you ask?

 this geezer is in fact former world snooker champion dennis taylor. his glasses were designed by former player & optician jack karnehm to counter taylor's deteriorating eyesight & inability to see the angles when looking over the top of his specs. imagine seeing the eye of the tiger coming at you through these over the top gems!

 an eccentric within the snooker community, taylor was much mocked for his 'upside-down' frames however it was this accessory which put his career back on track & facilitated his win in the 1985 world champs, which from what i understand was an incredible last frame (pun intended).

vintage brulimar snooker-2
crystal 56-22
made in england circa 1985

these crystal clear frames look like the exact pair in which dennis won in 85 & are now just waiting to be glazed as sunglasses or to be pulled out in your local hipster pool hall.

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