vintage VANS customade vanosaur pirate skulls print style #95 era MADE IN USA OFF THE WALL

 vintage vans style #95 era
3-tone vanosaur/pirate skulls print canvas
customade in usa circa 1986
size N/A 

an incredible 3-tone print style #95 quite obviously customade by some1 with impecable taste. just imagine receiving the box in the mail 6-8 weeks after customising your selections panel by panel, & seeing the finished result in pristine condition! the forefoot panel features the lush aqua vanosaur, complemented by a more muted vanosaur on the padded collar & offset against the bold skate pirate in red. 1 of the most fresh specimens of custom print canvas to pass through our hands. so fresh in fact we just can't let it go. sorry folks. in the vault!

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