vintage VANS kids marble tie dye print RAD the movie scene MADE IN USA style #98 slip-on

vintage vans style #98 slip-on custom #374
pink marble tie dye print
blue RAD scene GH
customade in usa circa 1987
new in box


This is the rad! despite having been re-released at least 3 times this collab never fails to please, however the re-issues fall well short of the originals. having only just been re-released last year, the blue rad scene is found here on a custom tie dye slip-on from circa 1986. i remember watching rad when i was a kid & despite being overshadowed (in australia at least) by bmx bandits, it nevertheless stayed with me. watching it again over 25 years later i am still impressed. of course the john farnham soundtrack of power ballads is cringeworty & the bmx dancefloor courtship full of cheese, the bmx remains totally legit. i dont remember a film earlier than this so laden with product placement. but give the rad team credit as they don't try to make it subliminal & rather throw it in your face. from mongoose to GT, coke to vans. the vans details are amazing including the token vans display in 'miss shop' or 'rag city', the vans bmx team & of course cru jones in style #24 high tops. i understand the decision to put small town kid cru in black highs that look like converse, but i dont understand why mongoose pretty-boy bart taylor wears the same pair. would have been much more fresh seeing him in rad scene style #36 old skools or better yet these marble slip-ons!

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