style profile; VANS & corduroy

 as i like to remind you, george costanza would drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable. again with the velvet you ask? would it be equally unacceptable by society to adorn oneself in corduroy? after all corduroy is in essence ridged velvet & is otherwsie known as corded velveteen. i have said it before & i'll say it again, my 1st born son will be called corduroy. although perhaps our doberman chukka will have to settle with a spanial companion called corduroy.

when i think of corduroy in fashion one surely thinks of it as a 70's concept & although vans dabbled with cord in the 80's, as a material it was most widely used in the 90's. whether it be fat wide-wale cord or thin-wale, in my eyes there is something about this parallel cloth which is unparalleled. 

as we traverse into cooler months, corduroy offers somewhat more durability than canvas & maybe only the illusion of warmth. most commonly vans utilised corduroy with deep earth tones which at least accomodate a more autumnal wardrobe. of course supreme entertained this textile on their recent 2-tone era, & tried to marry the checkerboard off the wall old school of thought, with the more refined look of corduroy. it was an ambitious idea which could have been pulled off if only they utilised more rich tones of cord.

we have offerred some killer corduroy chukkas of the non-canine variety in the past, & if you can get your hands on a corduroy style #59/#69 with tan foxing & leather details, then your laughing. we will drop a few pieces of said heat this week & also explore the 90's practice of mixed materials & prints with coduroy. then there is the rare corduroy animal print line which is pin-point pincord!

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