well that just about brings to an end our almost annual drop of floral tea tapestry. despite thousands of emails it has been over a year since our last find however when it rains, it pours, so to speak. if only we could uncover a 'rack' of
florals at $19.90 each just like this last pair was back in 1992! speaking of rain, this was meant to be a summer drop however we got distracted by the 'scenery'. we do forsee the global market of made in usa vans drying up very soon so congrats to the lucky owners of the 3 pairs that lasted less than an hour today. as for the rest, don't sleep....

 well we had just enough time to merchandise a tapestry display this afternoon before we box up & ship global. 4 of the 5 were sold in record time, all in less than an hour! thanx 4 the support peoples. already putting the feelers out for the next lot of many, if any. 1 more bonus drop coming your way. don't sleep... on TOSOTP!
as you can see when we opened our doors on opening night back in aug 2009 we were not quite ready. it took us some time to settle in & we were gulity of letting some heat slip under the RADar & avoid documentation. 1 such diamond was the 'pecan barkcloth' snapped up by a friend. & now, she's back!
floral pecan barkcloth

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