STOCK HUNTING 101; DATE my VANS lessen 1

lessen 1 of our stock hunting 'date my vans' tutorial looks at footbed markings & starts with the last known made in usa incarnation before production went offshore.
this boxed logo template was used throughout the 90's however the 'made in usa' text is of course key & was thought to be utilised from 1992-1995. hereafter starteth the lessening.... & here endeth the lesson.

as an aside.... you can also find the size of your originals in ink just above the top right corner of the boxed logo on the inside left of both shoes.

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  1. vans are just cool! and being a skateboarder i admire them even more. "vans, off the wall" is my fav logo :D thanks for sharing :) this made my rough day better.