STOCK HUNTING 101; THIS is the future.... OF THE PAST

 in conjunction with our stock hunting tutorial 101 & THIS feature comes a highly anticipated 'app' designed to facilitate hunters & collectors in their plight, based on various markings, to date their original vans. when we started out it was more or less trial & error when judging date of production, so we were forced to formulate a framework on our own. we still utilise much guess work however perhaps now we can tentatively call it an educated guess. there was & still is no frame of reference available to position your made in usa vans on the rich timeline which is why we feel obliged to educate the masses. there are too many haters out there our objective from the beginning was to share some secrets & bring the deadstock community together rather than dividing it.
now this reference will be far from conclusive & although we will request some help from steve van doren, much of the specifics remains an unknown quanitity. if you trace back through the blog you will find some of our estimates were way off & perhaps we did embellish the odd product for hype value but our only concern now is accuracy. we receive regular emails from hunters & punters wanting info about their vans. please remember however we specialise in made in usa originals so anything post 1995 is 'lessening' which is anyones guess. we will be taking requests & perhaps offering more homework assignments to test your skills with prizes for the strong students. we have big plans for this concept & hope to see a more comprehensive form in a wider publication at some point. as such, we are proud to present our vintage vans carbon dating system. THIS is the future..... OF THE PAST!

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