you may be wondering how we can be so specific in our estimate of the date of the #95 just listed here, to know the exact day of production??? well if you missed our release yesterday our new feature, STOCK HUNTING 101; VINTAGE VANS CARBON DATING CLASS STARTS TODAY!

the only way to know the exact date of production is either the presence of a receipt or that pictured above. thought to be a quality control protocol we instead like to refer to it as a 'birth certificate'. little is known about these & the length of use however they are very rare however seem to be only used in the eraly 80's & perhaps only for custom orders. rather than about controlling quality (as there was no such need when production was so uncompromising) we understand it to be more about stock control of the multitude of customs by this stage of the 80's.
as such, if you want your vans dated by us in the absence of a 'birth certificate', simply email/PM us or hash tag your instagram pic with #DATEmyVANS. here endeth the lessen.

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