style profile; VANS blue & red style #95 DOGTOWN era

 in reply to part B of our question on tues, the 2-tone #style95 that most embodies the spirit of the brand is of course navy &.... red! #dogtown day!
checkerboard aside, the 2 colours which best capture the essence of the vans brand is the 2-tone combination of blue & red. since we opened for business & for perhaps the preceding decade of my life, on top of our hunting list of targets was always the blue/red/blue #95. so loaded with meaning & so lauded by core subculture, there was a time when wearing a pair was a statement of intent. despite our best intentions we have only uncovered a couple pairs in that time. we were lucky enough to dig up these some years back, however of these 2 were singles (now in the vault) & the third was a killer 70's new old stock....
 customer testimonial ¬
the only NOS pair of dogtown #95s we have had the pleasure to offer found her way back to the beach. not to the sandy shores of so cal however, but to the italian shores of the mediterranean.
 the only other made in usa dogtown #95 we have uncovered graced the pages of front & huf magazines on the feet of arabella drummond before being sold to a lucky customer.
 as legend has it the dogtown kids began by wearing 1 red & 1 blue style #44. of course steve van doren allowed the likes of tony alva to buy 1 van at a time to combat the thrashing given to the trailing foot. the natural next step was getting tony & stacy instore to design the archetypal style #95 in blue/red/blue. & the rest is his story!
 not sure where jay was when tony & stacy were designing the off the wall #95? probably in the green room.... or the blue/red/blue room!
(by glen e via Skateboarding Hall of Fame)
 of course there was late 70's/early 80's crossover appeal into the factory flavoured world of bmx as tinker suarez reveals
 didnt you just hate that kid who hit puberty like 5 years before you. i was always the small one in second place.... but you know i always had the killer shoes

nobody does a 'leary' like harry himself ¬
via vector bmx FB
'green coping' by Hugh Holland Photo. he's doing far better than just coping. he's ripping!

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