style profile; VANS style #36 OLD SKOOL (update) ¬ the nuances & the new answers

we would be repeating ourselves by saying style #36 has never been one of our favourite models & the pattern continues to repeat itself as we fall in love time & again with each original we re-discover. we have also claimed in the past the old skool to have remained relatively unchanged since 1977 however this is only contradicted upon securing an early example which are now very rare. 
 certain design modifications/oversights have occured during the evolution of the #36 since 1977. 
most noticeably was the extended toe box of later models. the departure from van's traditional deck shoe mould & the lacing to the toe of a style #36 offers a more athletic aesthetic which endears itself to trainer/sneaker appeal. wider lace rows meant more of the tongue was visible & suede eyestays could be seen to almost reach the first foxing. (pics via @artifactbags)

accompanying this was the presence of what has become known as the V stitch, sitting under the tail of the sidestripe which was later modified to a single arch. this feature was re-introduced on various late 90's models as vans began to re-visit early terrain. 
in addition to differences in heel tab & heel pads over the years the last structural change was the change from the early straight cut bumper to the later angle cut. we are not exactly sure when many of these changes took place however we will continue to add new updates as we uncover more buried treasure & the evidence thought buried with them.

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