THIS is the collector! ¬ MADE IN USA vintage VANS collector profile

 in honour of dimitri coste, THE pioneering made in usa collector of the last decade, we reveal a new 'app' for the blog profiling fellow collectors around the world. does your vintage vans collection rival all others?
THE original made in usa advocate & his bicycle moto cross inspiration earlier this year at house of vans in berlin
 another frenchman with impeccable taste coming out of paris! it appears he's a connoisseur of style #36 & #38 et al. stoked to see a couple a our pairs made the step up. collectors of the world unite!!

this feature was in attempt to facilitate my man renaud's desire to attend this years vans pool party at at the combi bowl however i have since heard he has his ticket & his dreams have come true! check his collect nonetheless!

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