vintage VANS dark green suede CHUKKA BOOT style #49 black sole MADE IN USA 1990's US5 matt hensley skate

 #6 from current head designer at vans jon warren's PERSONAL favourite 25 vans of all time.  i emphasise personal in reference to wayne's drunken rant published in the comments upon seeing said 25. oooops sorry jon! nothing personal but there is something about complex i cant stand, besides previously using the pic of our mallard chukka before getting the colour right above. that aside the chukka #49 is certainly deserving & the hensley/army green connection via not the new h street vid (linked below) is inspired. what do you think of the 25?

vintage vans style #49 chukka boot
dark green suede
black rubber scene
made in usa circa 1990
new in box