vintage VANS black suede AV NATIVE off the wall MADE IN USA old skool native american RARE van engelen jazz stripe

 was not sure what I had with a $5 ebay risk but I knew it was gold! what was this old skool-like jazz striped full suede low cut van with otw tongue & toe/heel bumpers? upon arrival it was confirmed as an og #AVnative!! #vanengelen & #vandoren would be proud

we dont pay a huge amount of attention to modern release although im starting to think maybe we should. 1st encountering the AV native via the spitfire edition of course it's more a reference to madrid flys than a native american, with the spitfire logo replacing the fly print & the same triangular tongue graphic. finding the original however the AV is more an old skool without the toe box & with native's ollie pad silhouette only.

vintage vans style #_ av native
black suede
made in usa circa 1995
size N/A

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